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Want to learn to pierce?

Do you love to decorate people? Have you always wanted to become a piercer? Download our 'Learning to Pierce' E-book and learn all the basics about piercing. Including how to apply a navel piercing!

This e-Book helps you with the following questions:

  • How to work cleanly and sterile
  • What to do with allergies
  • How to protect yourself from diseases transmitted by blood
  • What instruments to use for piercing
  • Basic guidelines on the preferred work method
  • How to apply a navel piercing

Download now

'Learning to Pierce' will teach you all the piercing basics!

Download this E-book now, completely free!

Because we like to share the art of piercing with as many people as possible, we decided to share our knowledge through our 'Learning to Piece' E-book. Download now and learn all the basics of piercing. For free!

Download now